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Welcome to Peralta Painters: A Kenilworth Painting Contractor

Kenilworth Painting Contractor

Our Kenilworth customers choose us again and again because of our commitment to quality and service. Call us for a Free quote on your Kenilworth house painting project today!

Peralta Painters can provide you with interior painting & exterior painting; all sizes of jobs, from a fresh new look for the living room to full residential & commercial painting jobs. We are licensed and insured and all of our Kenilworth painting contractors are trained with over 10 years of experience.

Peralta Painters - Kenilworth Painting Contractor

Peralta Painters is a Kenilworth painting company family owned and operated, known for high quality and consistent on-time completion of projects. Our goal is to provide high quality work at a reasonable price and always exceed our Kenilworth customer's expectations with clean, professional and detailed work.

Our jobs are handle in a efficient orderly manner. A detailed preparation and using high quality paints and materials are the key to obtain durable and great paint job. Our work is 100% Guaranteed to satisfaction.

Kenilworth Commercial Painting

If your visitors and guests are asking about the last time you repainted your commercial building, your facility is overdue for a new paint job. Customers notice the condition of your building first, but are not likely to say anything out loud. If they do say something about the appearance of your building, listen carefully. What they have to say could change your business. Your potential customers may look elsewhere after seeing your dilapidated exterior. Your aesthetic appearance may not necessarily represent your company's abilities, but that's how your customers will likely interpret them. Customers do judge a book by it's cover!

Our Kenilworth commercial painters can actually breathe life into the dull walls of your home/office. Being equipped with state of the art technology, Peralta Painters, commercial painting contractors can deliver the right output within a stipulated time. Equipped with a skilled workforce, We promise high quality work which is indeed reflected on the walls we paint.

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Kenilworth Interior Painting Tips

Most of the time, people need not need to be technical about color combinations or ideas for their Kenilworth home. If you want to avoid the common color schemes you see in other homes, you need to think about the effect you would like the room to have in the house. Then find the best color that will fit feeling like the following ideas.

If you want your house or one of your rooms to give a calming effect, the colors that you have to choose are the nature colors especially green. Aside from the calming color of green, another color that can free you from your stress is the color blue. Just like what the color of sea water can do, the blue color in your home can also make you feel as relaxed as you do at the beachside.

If you want your home to feel comfortable and cozy, you can choose the light color of yellow and orange in order to help you achieve this ambiance. If you have an ambiance in mind but still do not have an idea on the right color, what you just need to do is to talk to your local Kenilworth painting contractor. Ask them for what they can suggest to your chosen ambiance. In this way, you will be able to have the ambiance that you want and make it happened.

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Reviews & Testimonials on Peralta Painters in Kenilworth, IL

Gil (owner of Peralta painting) is a younger guy, mid-late 20's who runs his own painting business which consists of two crews that he is able to regularly find work for. The guy works hard at his business and cares about producing a quality finished product. After getting Gil's quote there was a part of me that was rooting for him. He is younger, hungry, and gives a d***. Gil and his workers (a combination of 3 guys in my a case) are professionals. His crew showed up each day at 8 AM and immediately got to work. Put simply the paint job and new doors looked great. During the project Gil did a couple things that I liked: 1) I mentioned to him that my pregnant wife was going to move out for the week while they were painting. He suggested that if we were worried about the fumes that we should use "green" paint. 2) I got a text from him one day while I was at work stating that they weren't happy with the appearance of the paint job in one room and wanted to apply another coat. I saw the same paint job they were referring to and thought it looked great. That said, he wasn't satisfied with it and wanted to apply another coat - demonstrating to me that he cared about producing a quality product. Since I was going to be at work the entire week they were working I had to give them keys and leave them alone in my place. As week went along I felt more and more at ease with that approach. Everything was always where I left it and nothing went missing. I'd trust him and his team in the future. With Gil I got a great paint job, learned that he/his crew care about their workmanship, and found that they can be trusted to be left alone. I have no regrets. Job well done.

- Joe B | Kenilworth, IL |

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