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Park Ridge Painting Contractor

Peralta Painters is a company family owned and operated, known for high quality and consistent on-time completion of projects. Our goal is to provide high quality work at a reasonable price and always exceed expectations with clean, professional and detailed work.

Our jobs are handle in a efficient orderly manner. A detailed preparation and using high quality paints and materials are the key to obtain durable and great paint job. Our work is 100% Guaranteed to satisfaction.

Peralta Painters - Park Ridge Painting Contractor

Our Park Ridge customers choose us again and again because of our commitment to quality and service. Call us for a Free quote on your Park Ridge house painting project today!

Peralta Painters can provide you with interior painting & exterior painting; all sizes of jobs, from a fresh new look for the living room to full residential & commercial painting jobs. We are licensed and insured and all of our Park Ridge painting contractors are trained with over 10 years of experience.

Park Ridge House Painting

Color is critical in setting the tone and mood of painting a house and creating flow from one room to the next. We will customize your exterior paint color to complement your home and reflect your style.

Painting the exterior of your Park Ridge home is a huge job that should be left to a professional Park Ridge house painting contractor. Safety, quality paints and years of experience are just a few reasons why you should contact a our painting company today.

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  • Park Ridge House Painter
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Park Ridge Pressure Washing Tips

For types of dirt that are extremely difficult to remove, Park Ridge power washing or pressure washing is considered as the most effective method of washing them away. The reason is because power washing cleans surfaces using power, chemicals, and heat. With these three properties working together, you can practically clean any type of surface as fast as you possibly can. Pressure washing breaks the bond between the surface and any type of dirt, be it grease, mud, dust, grit, ink, and stains. It’s the most effective and most efficient cleaner device since it works on both the physical and the molecular level.

Pressure washing is most useful once the winter is concluded and has paved the way for spring time. Due to the winter months, accumulated dirt of many kinds are latched into the garage, the drive way, the car, the roof, and the walls. Some of these are very difficult to reach, and since pressure washing uses a power washer hose, you can reach even most hidden nooks and crannies as long as you know how to use it.

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Reviews & Testimonials on Peralta Painters in Park Ridge, IL

I requested estimates from different companies, after getting Gil's quote there was a part of me that was rooting for him. He is younger, hungry, and gives a d***. Gil and his workers are professionals. His crew showed up each day at 8 AM and immediately got to work. Put simply the paint job and new doors looked great. During the project Gil did a couple things that I liked: 1) I mentioned to him that my pregnant wife was going to move out for the week while they were painting. He suggested that if we were worried about the fumes that we should use "green" paint. 2) I got a text from him one day while I was at work stating that they weren't happy with the appearance of the paint job in one room and wanted to apply another coat. I saw the same paint job they were referring to and thought it looked great. That said, he wasn't satisfied with it and wanted to apply another coat - demonstrating to me that he cared about producing a quality product. Since I was going to be at work the entire week they were working I had to give them keys and leave them alone in my place. As week went along I felt more and more at ease with that approach. Everything was always where I left it and nothing went missing. I'd trust him and his team in the future. With Gil I got a great paint job, learned that he/his crew care about their workmanship, and found that they can be trusted to be left alone. I have no regrets. Job well done.

- Tony W | Park Ridge, IL |

We didn't know what to do with our new house, but with your help and experience, now it's the house of our dreams! You are really professional!

- Pete & Connie C | Park Ridge, IL |

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